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ESU Lokprogrammer
ESU Lokprogrammer 53452
$179.95  $145.95
Digitrax EVOX Evolution Express Advanced 5A/8A Starter Set
Evolution Express is perfect for most home and club layouts. It offers excellent speed control, prototypical consisting, the full range of programming features and much more.
$470.00  $352.50
DCC Specialties PSX-3 DCC Circuit Breaker
DCC Specialties PSX-3 DCC Circuit Breaker
$134.85  $107.95
DCCTRAIN - Lenz Elektronik, GmbH
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DCC  >  Lenz
Digital Plus by Lenz.
Digital plus by Lenz NMRA DCC products      Unleashing the Power Of DCC! Lenz Elektronik GmbH, the world's leader for Digital Command Control. They have manufactured DCC products for a number of fine model railroad companies including ROCO, LGB, Con-Cor and  Atlas. Lenz GmbH also produces, Digital plus, Their flagship line of Digital Command Control equipment for model railroads. Their products are  carried by fine hobby stores worldwide. Their goal is to produce products with exceptional quality, value, and performance, while maintaining true compatibility.
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Lenz USB Update stick for LZV200 to software version 4.0
Lenz USB Update stick
$97.00  $83.00
There are 1 Left
Lenz LH101-R Keypad Wireless Throttle, full featured throttle
Lenz LH101-R Wireless Throttle
$366.00  $311.99
There are 2 Left
Lenz Set radio hand controller LH101-R with receiver LTM101
Lenz LH101-R with receiver LTM101
$489.00  $415.99
There are 2 Left
XpressNET DIN 5 female socket
DIN 5 female socket
$2.49  $1.99
There are 50 Left
Lenz 20200 LZV200 Command Power Station
$461.00  $392.00
There are 1 Left
Lenz Set 101, Digital Command Control System
Lenz Set 101
$582.00  $499.00
There are 1 Left
Lenz LH101 Keypad, full featured throttle
Lenz LH101
$247.00  $210.00
There are 1 Left
LENZ SILVER + Mini-W 8 pin plug
SILVER+Mini-W 8 pin plug
$54.95  $41.95
Lenz Power 3 USP Modules for Gold Decoders
Power 3
$77.50  $59.95
LENZ GOLD+  MP 5 function decoder 8 PIN plug
$53.00  $42.40


Lenz DCC System, Components.
DCCTRAIN - Lenz Elektronik, GmbH

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