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RRampMeter V4
Very easy walk-around measurements of layout voltage drops, accurate booster output setup to optimum voltages for decoders and sound units.
$129.95  $109.95
ROCO 10822 - Z21 Digital system for USA
ROCO 10822 - Z21 Digital system for USA
$549.00  $399.99
Train Wireless Camera NTSC TC-9
Train Camera RF systems Lab NTSC TC-9 with Receiver Morce Type-S NO SOUND
$289.99  $265.99
ESU Lokprogrammer
ESU Lokprogrammer 53452
$179.95  $143.95
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What is MBZ all about? The technology used to produce these items is ingenious, every item in the MBZ assortment starts out with a high quality digital graphic, it then gets uploaded into a special software program. The software program then calculates the scale and what texture is to be used. The texture is important because the laser will burn the roof tiles or bricks with such detail that plastic and wooden kits can't compare. After this is done the data gets sent to a high powered laser and the laser burns the image onto special cardboard. Everything the camera lens sees will be re-produced in the model. For instance if the original structure has a crocked shudder the laser will re-produce it in the model. The technology is rather simple and the results are amazing. Try a MBZ item today and you will admit, nothing comes close to the detail and quality.

DCCTRAIN is proud to offer this exclusive new product line .

Now available in HO, TT, N, O, and Z Scale

Download this video to see how easy it is to use MBZ

Thomas Oswald, the founder and owner of MBZ. The best way to describe him is that he is a hard working artist. As a professional photographer he was always looking for new ways to express himself and to introduce new techniques into his work. He even underwent a vocational training as a make-up artist just to have the skills for body painting. Then he introduced body painting to the industrial photography and was so successful with it that he was invited to numerous TV shows. He was also invited to the college of Coburg as a guest lecturer for photography, Interior Architecture and Integrated Product Design.

His whole live he was involved in model trains. In 1999 he started with a new layout and was very unhappy with the buildings and materials offered by the big companies.

Therefore he developed buildings and landscaping materials that are more realistic than you have ever seen from the model railroad industry.


Thomas Oswald ‘s skills and knowledge in model railroading is so advanced that he is doing a lot of work for Josef Brandl, the most famous layout builder in Europe. Many of his MBZ models are featured in the latest Supermodellbahnanlagen magazine “Nebenbahn pur”. He also created a model of the Semper Operahouse for a museum in Dresden.

Please visit MBZ website

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72210 MBZ Pigment Paint Set with primer sponge
MBZ Pigment Paint Set with primer sponge
There are 1 Left
10095 MBZ Hotel "Neustadter Hof"
10117 MBZ Hotel "Neustadter Hof" Dimensions: 250x300x230mm
There are 1 Left
10065 MBZ Train Station "Dorzbach"
10141 MBZ Train Station "Nordheim" Dimensions: 220x120x135mm
There are 1 Left
10033 MBZ Power Station
10033 MBZ Power Station Dimensions: 420x250x70mm
There are 1 Left
10114 MBZ Multi-family Home Lenzkirch
10114 MBZ Multi-family Home Lenzkirch Dimensions: 220x130x160mm
There are 1 Left
10115 MBZ Hotel "Vogt"
10115 MBZ Hotel "Vogt" Dimensions: 205x145x150mm
There are 1 Left
10032 MBZ Quarters for Railroad Personnel
10032 MBZ Quarters for Railroad Personnel Dimensions: 250x115x110mm
There are 1 Left
10042 MBZ House Number 2
10042 MBZ House Number 2 Dimensions: 185x150x110mm
There are 1 Left
10105 MBZ Gatekeeper's House Bondorf
10105 MBZ Gatekeeper's House Bondorf Dimensions: 120x105x90mm
There are 1 Left
10036 MBZ Goods Shed
10036 MBZ Goods Shed Dimensions: 380x120x100mm
There are 1 Left


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