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ESU Lokprogrammer
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ESU Lokprogrammer
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ESU Lokprogrammer
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Do you want to experience the appropriate sound of your favorite locomotive on your layout? No Problem with ESU LokProgrammer. All you need is a PC with sound card, serial interface (COM port) and Windows 95 or 98. Simply record the original sound of the locomotive and edit the sound files on your PC.
You can modify all settings of any ESU decoder - all Loksound decoders and LokPilot - with the aid of the LokProgrammer as desired. Thus nothing will stand between you and your particular “railway feeling”. Thanks to the graphic surface of Windows the optimal adaptation of your decoder will be a success even without any programming knowledge or experience. It has never been easy to adapt and adjust a digital decoder.

What can you do with a LokProgrammer?
Modification of the stored sound files
- Setting / adjusting of all digital parameters of the Loksound decoder eg: address, acceleration, maximum speed, deceleration, dimming of headlights, and many more. All options can easily be adjusted by using the mouse and therefore no cumbersome entry of CVs (configuration variables) with your controller is required.
Compile new sound files and store on LokSound decoder. You can use any sound which you can store on the hard disk of your PC.
Sound effects may be assigned to certain events.
Activating additional sound effects via function keys

  manual in English, Serial to USB adapter, power supply: 110V input voltage, serial cable, Software CD ROM
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ESU Lokprogrammer 53452
ESU Lokprogrammer

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