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Uhlenbrock Elektronik Sets and Decoders
Uhlenbrock DAISY 66200
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Uhlenbrock DAISY 66200
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Uhlenbrock DAISY 66200
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Download the DAISY instruction manual here!
Download the latest DAISY software update from Uhlenbrock's web site.

DAISY: The new Analog and Digital system
Digital and Analog Intelligent SYstem
  • A control system that can be used for small to large digital layouts
  • Controls analog layouts with multiple sections (blocks)
  • Operates digital models using the Motorola and DCC formats
  • For all gauges: N, TT and H0

DAISY is the ideal entry system for digital layouts of all gauges: N, TT or HO.
The DAISY SYSTEM #64000 consists of the DAISY hand controller and
 booster Power2 unit.

Control your conventional (non-Digital) locomotives with DAISY. Using a layout designed
with "blocks", locomotives without decoders in different sections can be controlled

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Uhlenbrock: Everything with everything Mixed simultaneous operation of decoders by different companies and digital systems on the same track MOTOROLA / DCC / TRIX
Uhlenbrock DAISY 66200

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