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Uhlenbrock Elektronik Sets and Decoders
Uhlenbrock Mobile Station Adapter
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Uhlenbrock Mobile Station Adapter
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Uhlenbrock Mobile Station Adapter
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The mobile station adapter 63 810 connects a Märklin mobile station with the LocoNet connection of a digital center. With the adapter the mobile station can be used as an additional hand control for locomotive control at the LocoNet center, e.g. Intellibox, DAISY or TwinCenter. Together with the 6021-Infrared and LocoNet adapter it is also possible to run the system from a Märklin 6021control unit.With this adapter, the functional-scope is considerably widened and in addition! Normally, the mobile station can control no magnet-articles, i.e. Switches & Signals. With this adapter, it is now possible with a LocoNet-Connector however. All regular functions are attainable as are all special-functions. The internal data base of the mobile station can be fully be accessed. Switches & Signals can be switched over the function-buttons. Other: Locomotives with mfx Decoder In the mean time the first locomotives with the mfx-Decoder have been delivered. We immediately tested the running abilities using the Uhlenbrock Digital System. Here are the Results: The vehicles with mfx Decoder can be controlled with the Uhlenbrock Digital System without any problem. The mfx-Decoders are very touchy during Current interruptions. The Vehicles will stop for a moment and will then continue running. The running characteristics are identical with the Intellibox, Daisy and the mobile station. All 8 special functions can be controlled. The first 4 are switched using F1 to F4. The rest are controlled using the next locomotive address. i.e. using the Intellibox: . Set the left controller to the locomotive address. i.e. 55. . Set the right controller to the next locomotive address. i.e. 56. . Now the left Function Keys control functions F1 to F4 and the right function keys control the functions F5 to F8. . The mfx Decoders can also be programmed using the Intellibox.  



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Uhlenbrock Mobile Station Adapter 63810
Uhlenbrock Mobile Station Adapter

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