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Digital Pluz by Lenz
Lenz Elektronik, GmbH
Lenz BM-2
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Lenz BM-2
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Lenz BM-2
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$75.00  $60.00
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BM-2 Block Management Module

Technical Data:

Maximum continuous current-carrying capacity

3.0 A

Voltage at signal input (AC or DC)

DC: 11...24 V

AC: 8...24 V


70 x 60 x 20 mm

To use the ABC technology with BM1, BM2 and BM3 block section modules, you will need locomotive decoders of the GOLD series or other decoders that support the ABC technology.

How does the ABC technology work?

With little effort, ABC manages to accomplish just what model railway enthusiasts crave: precise on-the-spot stopping in front of signals, slow approach and passage in the opposite direction.

By means of simple modules, which supply the braking section in front of a signal, an asymmetry is created in the otherwise symmetrical digital track voltage. Naturally, this occurs only if the signal is at "Stop" or "Slow approach". This asymmetry informs the locomotive decoder about the signal status:

·      A "Stop" or "Slow approach" signal indicates an asymmetry - the train will stop or slow down.

·      A "Clear" signal indicates normal digital voltage - the train will continue.

Additional advantages of the ABC technology:

·      All locomotive functions (e.g. front lighting) can still be switched while the locomotive stops in front of the signal.

·      Programming in operational mode (POM) possible.

·      The locomotive can reverse away again from the signal!

·      A locomotive can pass in the opposite direction, even if the signal is at "Stop".

·      Switching is possible, even if the signal is at "Stop". Simply activate the switching mode!

·      No short-circuits when crossing section points between the driving and stopping sections.

 Compared to the simple BM1, the BM2 module has the following advantages:

·      In addition to signal stopping, "Slow approach" (HP2) is also possible.

·      Easy control of the module using light signals and semaphore signals fitted with switches.

·      Even rear-powered (pushed) trains (push-pull trains, commuter trains, motor coaches) stop at the right spot.

Manual for BM-2

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Lenz BM-2

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