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Lenz Elektronik, GmbH
Lenz Sets and components
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Lenz LZV100 Command Station
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Lenz LZV100 Command Station
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Lenz LZV100 Command Station
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Lenz LZV100
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The LZV100 has three micro processors for superior performance and operation, includes all the features of our popular LZ100 and includes an integrated power station that can deliver a full 5 amps of DCC track power! The LZV100 also includes our most powerful command station software developed to-date with features such as advanced queue management and an internal database that supports a roster of 256 locomotives.

The LZV100 also has the RailCom bit cutout hardware built in! There is no need to purchase a lot of additional system hardware or perform complicated wiring to gain lots of advantages through this advanced form of two way DCC communication. The final software for RailCom is awaiting completion of the NMRA DCC WG specifications and will be released as a simple software update in the spring.

Quick Setup

In order to operate your DIGITAL plus DCC system you will need some track, a locomotive and an external transformer.

On the rear of the LZV100 are 5 plugs.  These are used to connect the LZV to your layout.  To get operating you only need to connect 4 wires and plug in your handheld.

Connect the transformer to terminals U and V.  Use a suitable, UL listed transformer designed for model trains. The allowed maximum effective output voltage of the transformers must not exceed 18V AC or DC.  A 5-8 amp transformer will provide you the full capabilities of the system.  A low amperage transformer can be used but if you run more trains that the transformer can support the transformer may overload and shut down.

The track is connected to terminals J and K.

Plug in your handheld to the back of your LZV100 and run your first train, that's all there is to it!!!

The other connections can be connected later, if and when you need to expand.

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Lenz LZV100 Command Station V3.6
Lenz LZV100 Command Station

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