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Digitrax DCC Systems and Decoders
Super Empire Builder Xtra Digitrax Digital System
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Super Empire Builder Xtra Digitrax Digital System
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Super Empire Builder Xtra Digitrax Digital System
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Emp Builder X
$355.00  $266.00
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Super Empire Builder Xtra Set Includes:

  • DB150 Command Station/Booster With Intelligent AutoReverse

  • DT402 Super LocoNet Throttle (Infra ready)

  • UP5 Universal Panel

  • One LT1 LocoNet Cable & Decoder Test Kit

  • Super Empire Builder Xtra Manual

  • Digitrax Decoder Manual

The DT402 Super Throttle & DB150 Command Station Offer

  • User interface makes Complete Train Control simple.

  • Dual throttle knobs give you control of two locos at the same time and makes consisting easy.

  • Full numeric key pad for loco selection, function control and decoder programming.

  • Simplified 4 digit addressing.

  • Easy address browsing and selection.

  • User friendly text messages to guide you.

  • Click encoders for smooth speed control.

  • Multi-line LCD display puts all the information you need right at your fingertips.

  • Convenient step-by-step throttle option set up

  • Infra-ready out of the box (with UR90 sold separatly). 

  • Duplex radio equipped version also available.

  • Ready for transponding and cab signaling.

  • Simplified throttle option setup.

Plenty of Capacity for Most Layouts

  • Run up to 22 addresses at the same time on your system.

  • Run up to 22 throttles at the same time on your system.

Over 9000 Locomotive Addresses

  • Address 00 for operation of one or more locos without decoders

  • Two Digit Addressing is easy to use. (Address 01-127)

  • Four Digit Addressing-use the road number of your engines as their addresses. (Address 0128-9000+).

5 Amps of Power to run more trains.

  • Selectable scale voltage for safe operation in ALL scales.

Function Control

  • Control 30 functions(F0Fwd, F0Rev, and F1-F28).

  • Function 2 is a special non-latching key that can be used to sound the horn for as long as the key is held down.

  • Constant brightness lighting. Headlights can be directional or independently controlled (depending on decoder).

Decoder Programming

  • Built in write only programmer that can write all CVs.

  • Supports Paged programming (Digitrax preferred method). Also supports direct & register mode programming.

  • Operations mode programming can be used to program decoders on the layout.

Stationary Decoders, Turnout Control & Turnout Position Reporting

  • Access to stationary decoder control for turnouts and other devices.

  • DT402 reports turnout position based on last command sent.

  • Control 999 stationary decoder addresses.


  • Universal consisting, Digitrax preferred method. ALL locos can be consisted, even analog locos.

  • Advanced consisting, allows only advanced consist capable mobile decoders.

  • Basic consisting, program decoders to run on same address.

UP5 Universal Panel 

  • Makes LocoNet hook up simple!

  • 2 LocoNet jacks for hooking up your LocoNet network.

  • 3 throttle jacks for hooking up throttles and other non-RailSync devices.

Expandability with Digitrax LocoNet

  • Use Super Empire Builder as a starting point, then add components.

  • Use Super Empire Builder as an expansion set with Digitrax equipment you already have installed.

Note: Super empire Builder Xtra Sets require a power supply that is sold separately by Digitrax or may be supplied by customer.v


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Super Empire Builder Xtra - DT402 Super Throttle, DB150 
Command Station/Booster, UP5 Universal Panel, LT1 LocoNet 
Tester, Easy to Read Manuals. (Decoders & Power Supply Sold 
Super Empire Builder Xtra Digitrax Digital System

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