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Austrian Manufacturer of Model Trains
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ROCO Digital System multiMAUS pro wireless
ROCO Digital System multiMAUS pro wireless
$587.00  $569.95

Digital multiMAUS PRO wireless
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Digital multiMAUS PRO wireless
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Digital multiMAUS PRO wireless
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$262.99  $249.99
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multiMAUS PRO throttle

The Features:

. Managing 9,999 locomotive addresses & Deciding between locomotive library or locomotive address

. Alphanumerical locomotive name display with locomotive database for 64 entries, i.e. locomotives

. Locomotive control with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps which can be set for each locomotive individually

. Control of light and 20 additional functions for locomotives

. Double heading driving

. Controlling up to 2048 magnetic articles - (turnout -) addresses

. Route control

. Separate feedback bus

. Outputs for main and one drivable programming track

. Reading and writing configuration variables (DCC-CVs 1-1024, value range 0-255)


. Stable wireless connection with digital wireless standard "ZigBee" IEEE 802.15.4 with 2.4 GHz

. Emergency stop with shut-down of the entire system, individual emergency stop for selected locomotive

. Child lock for functions which may could be problematic for children (e.g. programming)

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ROCO Digital  multiMAUS pro wireless throttle
Digital multiMAUS PRO wireless

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