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Roco Z21 Digital system

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Soundtraxx Sound Decoders and Speakers.
SoundTraxx Tsunami Sound Decoder Diesel GE Gevo-12
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SoundTraxx Tsunami Sound Decoder Diesel GE Gevo-12
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SoundTraxx Tsunami Sound Decoder Diesel GE Gevo-12
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$119.00  $95.25
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Features Include:

GE Gevo-12 Diesel Engines - for protyptypes manufactured with the General Electric Gevo-12 Prime Mover. 
Some of the 16 airhorns included are: 
Leslie S3L, S5T, RS3L, RS5T
Nathan K3L, K3LA, K5LA, M3, M5, P3, P5 (early), P5A, K5LLA, K5HL, Holden M3H, K5H

The Tsunami sound system is SoundTraxx’s new high-performance, onboard locomotive sound system. Like the DSD-150 it replaces, Tsunami integrates a full-featured sound system, four Hyperlight lighting effects, a motor controller and a DCC decoder into a single, integrated package and is compatible with the NMRA DCC standards and Recommended Practices. Unlike the DSD-150, the Tsunami sound system can also be used on ‘Analog’ layouts and controlled with a conventional power pack, though it really shines on DCC controlled layouts.

At Tsunami’s core is a true 16-bit Digital Signal Processor, or DSP, capable of executing over 120 million instructions per second. With this new level of performance, SoundTraxx was able to give Tsunami 14 functions, over 22 individual sounds, and 4 special effects including the ability to alter the exhaust sound automatically in response to changes in the engine load. The motor controller received numerous enhancements as well, including the use of high frequency PWM and load compensation. To keep the size down, only components available in highly miniaturized packages were selected for use in the Tsunami resulting in a form factor that measures almost 30% shorter and 50% thinner than the DSD-150.

The SoundTraxx Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders are compatible with the NMRA Standards and Recommended Practices.


  • Compatible with the NMRA DCC Standards and Recommended Practices

  • Supports 7 bit address modes for compatibility with 'simple' systems

  • Programmable acceleration, deceleration, starting voltage

  • Supports 14 bit address modes for addressing any Loco number up to 9,999

  • Supports programming on the main


  • Supports 14, 28, and 128 speed step modes

  • Speed interpolation provides smooth 128 speed step response in any mode

  • Programmable acceleration, deceleration, starting voltage

  • 7 bit consist addressing

  • 15 pre-programmed speed tables and 1 user programmable speed table

  • High Frequency Silent Motor Drive

  • Load Compensation


  • High quality digital sound

  • Individual, adjustable volume controls

  • One watt audio amplifier 

  • Polyphonic Sound Processor

  • 16-bit Audio Processing

  • Playable Whistle

  • 7-band Audio Equalizer

  • Reverb


  • 15 Lighting effects supporting “Rule 17” or automatic direction control

The Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder is rated for the following loads:

Motor Stall Current: 1 AMP Maximum
Function Current: 100mA (each output) 
Audio Amplifier: 1 Watt, 8 ohm load
Track Voltage: 27 Volts Maximum
Dimensions: 1.7"x0.67"x0.28"

Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders work with standard 8 ohm speakers available anywhere - no need to buy 'special' speakers!

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