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Digital Command Control Manufacturers
DCC Control and Programming Controlling model railroad operation increasingly uses DCC, and the SPROG family of DCC devices offers the ideal solution for programming and maintaining your fleet.
Sprog 2 V. 4 DCC Decoder Programmer
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Sprog 2 V. 4 DCC Decoder Programmer
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Sprog 2 V. 4 DCC Decoder Programmer
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Sprog II V. 4
$100.00  $98.99
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SPROG II: DCC programmer and Command Station for under $100!

Current Firmware Version 3 SPROG II is The programmer for all DCC decoder needs, and works with the powerful JMRI DecoderPro software to support configuration programming of any DCC decoder, including sound decoders.

SPROG 2 gives you the ability to program DCC decoders using your computer without the need to move your computer to the railway room, or your existing DCC system to the computer room.
SPROG II is complementary to your existing DCC system, and operates as a separate decoder reading/programming facility, with a dedicated section of track.

SPROG II is supported on a range of hardware platforms and operating systems by DecoderPro. The JMRI DecoderPro software gives you automated recognition of decoders, a comprehensive record of your complete roster, easy to use views of all settings, and full access to all Configuration Variables.

More than just a programmer

DecoderPro includes an on-screen throttle for SPROG II allowing it to be used as a computer based command station/booster to test your decoder-equipped loco and check the programming.
Also, use SPROG II as the complete controller for smaller layouts, with three or four locos in use at one time, from the on-screen throttles, or automate with PanelPro with an on-screen layout view.



The Decoder Programmer in a ready-to-run package! This complete package includes a powerful 12v 1.25A power adapter (see below), USB cable and all software and installation instructions (Java runtime, DecoderPro, USB drivers) on CD-ROM. 

Power Adapter

SPROG II runs from a regulated power supply, that powers the SPROG II and the track. For good results it is essential to use a well-regulated power supply, and these models have been selected to provide an economical yet high quality result.

We offer a suitable regulated "wall wart" 12v 1.25A supply, included with our SPROG II USB package, and also available separately for $17. This power unit is excellent for programming all Z, N or HO locomotives (and even larger scales!), even those current-hungry sound decoders! If not for the US, this item requires an additional adaptor to plug into the wall in your country, it sells for ($3-5) in most electronic stores.

  Sound Decoder Update


No need for a separate programming booster when you use SPROG II for sound decoders!
SPROG II has been tested with Soundtraxx Tsunami, LokSound, MRC and QSI sound decoders and will program and read all CVs in operations mode (on the programming track), and also 'program on the main'. See the FAQ page for more details.


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SPROG II V. 4: DCC programmer and Command Station!
Sprog 2 V. 4 DCC Decoder Programmer

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