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Austrian Manufacturer of Model Trains
ROCO Digital Feedback Module 8 Inputs
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ROCO Digital Feedback Module 8 Inputs
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ROCO Digital Feedback Module 8 Inputs
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The perfect complement to Rocomotion. This feedback module is the basis for all automatic functions, which are to be controlled using Rocomotion. It possesses eight galvanically isolated outputs with screw terminals onto which momentary or permanent contacts can be connected. If a contact is actuated, the relevant LED lights up. The feedback module is connected to the Rocomotion interface by means of the enclosed cable and the power is also supplied via this cable. In all up to 16 feedback modules can be connected to Rocomotion. Rocomotion and the feedback module have been exactly matched to go together. No other feedback system can be used for the Rocomotion.

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ROCO Digital Feedback Module 8 Inputs

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