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DCC Specialties The Jack Wabbit Quad Four Output Stationery Decoder
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DCC Specialties The Jack Wabbit Quad Four Output Stationery Decoder
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DCC Specialties The Jack Wabbit Quad Four Output Stationery Decoder
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The Jack Wabbit™ is a Quad version of our popular Hare and Wabbit Intelligent Accessory Decoders. This decoder has four fully functional intelligent decoders on one printed circuit board. The four decoders operate independently and each one has all of the advanced features and much more, compared to our popular Hare and Wabbits. The Jack Wabbit is compatible with all types of turn-out motors, including stall motors, snap coils, servos and all others!


Jack Wabbit Quad: 4 Outputs in one Stationary Decoder

  • Auto Throw™
    Automatically throws points when a train is approaching against the points!
  • Auto Throw™ Timer
    Provides for timing the auto throw function to prevent two trains from colliding.
  • Auto Return™
    Automatically returns the points after a preset interval for any/all operational events.
  • Smart Route™ 
    Sets up to 13 routes by simple address programming in addition to the primary address.
  • Dispatcher Over-Ride™
    Allows the Dispatcher to lock out any or all other switch commands.
  • Lock Block Protection™
    Overrides the Jack WABBITS operation if a designated block is occupied.
  • Locked Route Control™
    Provides for only one route direction response for a Throw or Clear command.
  • Smart Default Ops™
    Programmed power up response to either power off position, throw, or clear.
  • Operate Switch Signals or Panel LED Indicators by direct LED connections.
  • Manual Pushbutton or Toggle Switch
    Allows button or toggle switch manual control of the points.
  • DCC Reset
    CV 63=42, Sets Any or All Addresses and CVs to original factory default values.
  • Decoder Reset By Jumper
    Jumper selection resets entire Jack Wabbit to factory default Address and CV’s.
  • Direct Current Ops
    The JACK WABBIT will operate on DC using the Manual Push Button Control Option.
  • Semaphore/Gate Ops
    Uses a stall motor and Auto Throw for triggered control of a semaphore or crossing.
  • Automates Reverse Loop Turnouts 
    Using Auto Throw feature.
  • Feed Back, Turnout Position Reporting to
    Digitrax (LocoNet), Lenz (ExpressNet) and NCE (Cab Bus)

Download Jack Wabbit™ Quad Stationary Decoder manual (PDF)

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DCC Specialties The Jack Wabbit Quad with LocoNet for Tortoise 
Four Output Stationery Decoder
DCC Specialties The Jack Wabbit Quad Four Output Stationery Decoder

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