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Train Control Systems
TCS 6-Pin(2x3) Mini Connector (Colored Wires)
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TCS 6-Pin(2x3) Mini Connector (Colored Wires)
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TCS 6-Pin(2x3) Mini Connector (Colored Wires)
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$16.95  $13.00
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6 pin dual row. 2x3 pin array, mini connector with 6" 32 gauge wire connected.
Overall connected socket size .165" x .119" x .465" (.165mm x 3.02mm x 11.74mm)
NOTE: This harness can be purchased with any color wire combination from our 32 gauge wire by including the desired colors in the comments on your order. If none is specified the default color combination is Orange, Grey, Yellow, Black, Red, and Blue.

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TCS 6-Pin(2x3) Mini Connector (Colored Wires)

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