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Current Instock Freight Cars in HO Scale. Companies include: Athearn, Atlas, Fox Valley Models, Intermountain, Kato, Rapido, Scaletrains and Walthers/Proto 2000.
Tangent HO ACF 70-Ton Welded Drop-End Gondola SP "Gothic" 1966+ #320178
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Tangent HO ACF 70-Ton Welded Drop-End Gondola SP "Gothic" 1966+ #320178
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Tangent HO ACF 70-Ton Welded Drop-End Gondola SP "Gothic" 1966+ #320178
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ACF 70-Ton Welded Drop-End Gondola

The 52-6 welded 70-ton drop-end gondola car as produced by ACF is the third all-new model in our HO scale product line. First produced in 1948 for Pennsylvania Railroad as class G31, PRR alone purchased 11,600 welded cars of this body style in the G31/G31A/G31B/G35, serving the “Standard Railroad of the World” in every corner of North America in many customer applications. If you model somewhere in North America, you can use a PRR model! Besides PRR, several other railroads also purchased these gondolas from ACF, and some former PRR cars were purchased second-hand by various railroads. Most of these gondolas were phased from revenue service during the 1990s.

Our motto is “Unparalleled scale replicas for discriminating railroad modelers”.  We hope you’ll agree! Our ACF 70-ton welded Drop-end Gondola replicas include:

  • Dimensional accuracy – scaled from American Car and Foundry plans
  • Thoroughly-researched colors
  • Exact fonts and lettering placement – compare our replicas to the prototype photos!
  • Scale-sized side tie- downs!
  • See through tie down holes
  • “Stand-off” ladders
  • Wire grab irons and coupler lift bars
  • See-through brake platforms
  • Interior detail
  • Road-specific handbrakes applied to match production specifications (Universal and Equipco handbrakes available as separate parts, too!)
  • Air hoses
  • Weighted to NMRA specs for smooth operation
  • Kadee® scale metal couplers
  • Our 70-ton ASF A-3 Ride- Control trucks with free-rolling metal wheels – semi-scale wheels are available separately as well
  • Recommended age 8 years and older.




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Tangent HO ACF 70-Ton Welded Drop-End Gondola SP "Gothic" 1966+ #320178

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