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Digital Command Control Manufacturers
Accu-Lites Digitrax/NCE Cable 15 ft
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Accu-Lites Digitrax/NCE Cable 15 ft
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Accu-Lites Digitrax/NCE Cable 15 ft
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ACL-Cable 15ft
$7.99  $6.80
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Breakout board for the Digitrax PM42 board

The PM42 breakout board is setup to accept up to 2 inputs and 4 distinct outputs. Each output can be configured with jumpers to make it a reversing section. The board comes with one set of jumpers that allows you to set that particular section to reversing, assuming the correct OpSwitches have been set inside the PM42's memory.

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Accu-Lites Digitrax/NCE Cable 15 ft

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