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Lenz Decoders
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LENZ GOLD+  MP 5 function decoder 8 PIN plug
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LENZ GOLD+  MP 5 function decoder 8 PIN plug
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LENZ GOLD+ MP 5 function decoder 8 PIN plug
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Redefining Model Railroad Control!

Our New GOLD+ series decoders revolutionize model railroad control by incorporating three new technologies together with an advanced feature set to provide the industry’s most advanced NMRA DCC decoder. The GOLD+ Series introduces a radical change in both performance and feature set.

We start with a high frequency back emf motor control that can be configured to the particular motor characteristics in the locomotive.  This new motor drive offers exceptional quiet and smooth operation to the locomotive.

Add to this all the high end DCC features common in Lenz Decoders, plus a broad array of advanced lighting features and function mapping capabilities.  The decoder has 5 (2 for Mini, 6 for Maxi) built- in function outputs plus a SUSI interface for sound and additional function control.  Each of the function outputs can be configured to one or more of the 29 NMRA DCC defined functions. The decoder operation (such as switching speed and braking delay) can also be configured by up to 3 additional function inputs.

All the Gold and Gold+ decoders can have their software upgraded using the Digital Plus decoder programmer even after the decoder is installed in the locomotive.

Of course, Gold Series decoders also come with our industry leading 10 year warranty. The motor and all function outputs are short and overload protected, and decoder has passed all the automated NMRA DCC tests.

  Current Rating: Cool Continuous running: 1 A, peak running: 1.8 amp, Stall Current: N/A* (over load protected) (see chart on rear for the Mini and Maxi’s current ratings.)

To this core we add three exciting new technologies each of which will revolutionize model railroad control.

Features include:  (please note there is a different of functions, and amperage, see chart below)

  • Built to conform to all NMRA Standards and RPs  (submitted to NMRA Testing)      

  • Super smooth and silent high frequency back-emf motor control.

  • Supports NMRA DCC Bidirectional data communication.

  • USP with optional power module for operation on dirty track.

  • Asymmetrical DCC support including directional stopping.

  • SUSI Sound Interface

  • Adjustable precision stopping control.

  • Low speed gear for switching operations.

  • Selectable for operation with 14/27, or 28/128 speed steps.

  • Operation on conventional DC layouts is possible or can be disabled.

  • Provides 1A continuous motor current, 1.8 amp peak. (note different Functions and Amperage in chart below)

  • Four function outputs rated at 200mA each with advanced function mapping

  • Directional or independent lighting with dimming and extensive special effects.

  • Support for Advanced Consist Control and Extended Addressing.

  • Support for programming on the mainline (operations mode programming).

  • Support for all form of programming as described in NMRA RP-9.2.3.

  • Size: L 0.90" x W 0.65"x H 0.24"   L 23.0mm x W 16.5 mm x H 6.3mm 

 Motor control
The decoder has a high-frequency control (23kHz). To adapt it to the type of locomotive used, you can simply choose between different motor types. These individual motor types include parameter sets which have been specially adapted to the respective models. Moreover, it is also possible to carry out fine-tuning via various CVs.

The minimum, maximum and mid speed can be set; the decoder adapts the characteristic speed line dynamically to ensure a steady, even curve. It is also possible to program an individual characteristic speed curve.

Overload protection
The decoders are protected against overloading, short circuits and overheating.

Starting and braking delay
The starting and braking delays can be set independently of each other. These delays can be enabled and disabled via a function by pressing the key of the digital system once.

Constant braking distance
A special feature of the GOLD decoder provides for a constant braking distance independent of the current speed of the locomotive. This feature is important for model railway operators who install automatic stopping sections in their layouts.

Switching speed
The shunting speed can be set via a function; it halves the speed.

 ABC = simple signal stop and slow approach using Asymmetrical DCC

You can carry out a particularly simple signal stop using the ABC braking module. Combined with the constant braking distance, precise on-the-spot stopping in front of red signals is not a problem.

The signal indication "Slow approach/Caution" does not pose a problem; the respective speed can be set via a CV in the decoder.

You can operate all functions during the signal stop or slow approach - you can even reverse away again from the red signal.

Push-pull train control
A push-pull train control can be set if the ABC braking module BM2 is used. There are two different options: push-pull operation with and without intermediate stops. The latter also takes slow-approach sections into account. The stopping time at the end of the track and at the intermediate stops is set at between 1 and 255 seconds via a CV.

In combination with the optional energy storage, the intelligent USP circuit ensures that your locomotive can run even over dirty track sections or dead frogs. The energy storage is installed separately in the vehicle.

The GOLD decoder is equipped with the RailCom function. In addition to the locomotive address, other data (e.g. speed, CV content) can be transmitted from the locomotive via the track back to the system and displayed.

Function outputs
Four function outputs can be mapped to the functions of the digital system according to NMRA specifications.

Lighting effects
Different lighting effects can be set at the four function outputs:

  • Setting the brightness (dimming), can be switched via a function as desired

  • Mars light

  • Gyra light

  • Strobe and double strobe

  • Different settings for random flickering (ideal for a steam locomotive’s fire box)

  • Flashing

  • Ditch Lights

The S.U.S.I. interface
The S.U.S.I. interface enables the connection of sound or function modules which support this interface.

*Patents Pending

**Digital plus by Lenz, USP and RailCom are registered trademarks of Lenz Elektronik GmbH

 Warranty Information

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GOLD+ MP 1A, Silent BEMF decoder, RailCom, USP, SUSI sound 
interface, 5 functions outputs
LENZ GOLD+  MP 5 function decoder 8 PIN plug

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