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RailStars RAILbooster 3A Digital Power Station
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RailStars RAILbooster 3A Digital Power Station
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RailStars RAILbooster 3A Digital Power Station
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Your digital layout needs digital power! DCC boosters combine the digital signal from your DCC command station with electrical power to drive your locomotives, and feeds the result—digital power—to the tracks.

RAILbooster is a small, reliable DCC booster designed provide 3 amps of digital power to your layout, whether your are expanding your basement empire, or building your first micro layout.

  • Bulletproof design.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Small size convenient for N and HO gauge.
  • Integrated power management.
  • Smart short-circuit and fault detection.
  • Compatible with all DCC systems.
  • Fully assembled and ready-to-run.

RAILbooster is not a kit, it is a fully assembled product, ready to use on your layout!


  • 3A, adjustable 11V–16V output works with scales including Z, N, TT, HO
  • DCC input works with all manufacturer’s command stations, including Digitrax, NCE, Lenz, MRC, and more
  • DCC output voltage is stabilized; no more than 2V drop at maximum load, under adverse temperature.
  • Short-circuit detection time approximately 1ms
  • Compatible with sound decoders
  • Combines power supply with power management, to provide independent power directly to each of your layout’s power districts.
  • Requires an external 15-18VDC, 3.2A DC power supply with a 2.1mm center-positive plug, sold separately

N and HO gauge locomotives use much less power than you’d expect, usually no more than 0.200A. That means that a typical 8A booster can run as many as 40 locomotives…but how many do you run, really? Even large layouts are best broken up into smaller “power districts” where only a few locos at a time will be run simultaneously. Large boosters are overkill, and require additional power management to make the best use of them.

RAILbooster is the simpler way to power small layouts or individual power districts. By integrating power management functions—short-circuit, over-current, and over-temperature detection—into the digital booster, RAILbooster provides a simple, inexpensive solution to providing digital power to your small layout or individual power districts in your larget layout.

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Rail Stars RAILbooster 3A Digital Power Station
RailStars RAILbooster 3A Digital Power Station

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